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Question of the week

This weeks question comes from Eric from Minnosota

Eric asks:

Hi Paul, I’m trying your recipe for croissants and as I was rolling out the dough for the second time, when some holes appeared, exposing some butter. Will this affect how it rises as it bakes? Also, should I want to add ham and cheese or chocolate to my croissants, would you suggest altering the dough at all to accommodate for moisture? Thanks Eric

Paul says:

Hi Eric, Here are a few tips to help you next time you make the dough. It is very important to use the best butter you can get hold of, I use French butter. Have the dough and the butter at the same temperature, this will help stop the holes appearing. Carefully seal the edges of the dough once the butter has been added. You can add ham, cheese or chocolate to the recipe and don’t need to adjust anything about the recipe. Happy Baking!


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