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Question of the week

This weeks question comes from Michael, Los Angeles 

Michael asks:

Dear Paul, First thank you for inspiring me to expand my baking repertoire by leaps and bounds.  I started with your “How to Bake”, and went on to get “Pies & Puds”, “Bread” (had to buy when I saw a recipe called for Spitfire) and “British Baking” (wish there was an American regional baking book to compare).  My girlfriend just shakes her head when its time for me to feed my sourdough.  

Anyway, my question is with regards to a pastry board/kneading board.  My counter top is patterned tile with a grout and I would like to get a flat pastry board to set on top when kneading and rolling.  I do both bread and pastry regularly – do you recommend wood or marble for the material of the board?  Thanks again for the inspiration. Michael 


Paul says:

Hi Michael, I am so pleased you are enjoying baking so much and are finding inspiration from my books. With regard to kneading and rolling out dough on either wood or marble then either will work, however, of the two I would recommend marble as it’s cool which dough likes and it’s also really easy to clean. I hope that helps. Happy Baking!


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