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Question of the week

This weeks question comes from Munazza Khan

Munazza asks:

Paul. I have two questions. One, can I use salted butter and do not add salt to the sponge mix? Second, I am baking Profiteroles for 25-30 minutes, still its not puffing up and remain bit raw in the inside. Thank you in advance. Munazza Khan

Paul says:

Hi Munazza, thank you for getting in touch with two great questions. I always use unsalted butter that way you can control the exact amount of salt going into your bake. If you use salted butter you don’t know how much salt is in there.

To help the profiteroles rise you need to take your time when making the choux pastry and beat it well at all stages. You can pop an oven tray in the bottom of the oven and as you put the profiteroles in the oven pour a jug of water into the hot oven tray. This will create steam and help them rise. Also make sure your oven is hot enough and bake for a little longer if they are not cooked in the centre. Happy Baking!


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