Get Your Bake On! . . . the tour has begun!

Birmingham audience

Wow! I am nearly two weeks into my first ever live tour GET YOUR BAKE ON!, and I am absolutely loving it. I feel a bit like a rock star, gigging my way around the country, a new town every day. I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of you lovely folk who have come to see me. It has been a huge pleasure to meet so many of you and spend day after day chatting about my favourite subject! Talking of rockstars, guess who I met on my first day of touring in Newcastle . . . the McBusted boys! Just one of my highlights from the tour so far.  But to be honest it’s all of you who have come to the show and will be coming over the next few weeks, who are the true stars. My favourite part of the tour is definitely meeting you all and getting people up on stage to bake.

I can’t really think about much else at the moment, as the tour is taking up 100% of my time. However, filming for The Great British Bake Off 2014 has begun and I am really excited about this series already. We have a fab batch of bakers and we are filming in a stunning new location. Keep an eye on my blog for more news on GBBO to come.

Love Paul x

P.S. Thanks for all the pictures of your Hollywood Easter bakes that you sent my Facebook page. It’s so nice to see you all using my recipes and enjoying a bit of home baking.