GBBO, Pies & Puds and Jonathan Ross!

Paul with F5

Hi guys,

So Bake Off is finally over for another year. It was such a wonderful series, with some of the best bakers we have ever had. Huge congratulations to Frances our Bake Off champion. She really worked hard through the whole series, and managed to produce some serious substance to go with her incredible style. As you may have heard the Bake Off has a new home next year . . . BBC1! A massive thank you to everyone for supporting the show so much, Mary and I just love making it.

Speaking of Bezza, she and I will be at the Good Food Show in London and Birmingham this month. This is one of my favourite shows that I go to and I hope to see lots of you lovely bakers there.

Bake Off might be over, but I am back on the box already with my new show Pies and Puds. The picture above is me looking very serious on set! It’s been such a fun show to make, with loads of brilliant guests cooking and chatting with me, as well as the chance to travel all over the country meeting incredible suppliers and cooks. The show contains loads of different dishes, everything from proper old school English classics, to German strudels and Spanish tapas, as well as featuring Michelin starred chefs, artisan butchers and cake-pop makers. The show is on every weekday for four weeks, imagine how many pies and puds I will have cooked by the end! I will be adding some of my favourite recipes from the show to the website over the next few weeks, so you can all have a go too. If you are really keen to get baking, there is also a book that accompanies the series, maybe one for your Christmas lists!

Obviously filming the show has kept me pretty busy, but it’s not been all work, work, work, as Jonathon Ross recently asked me on his show. This was such great fun; I never imagined I would get the chance to teach Alan Partridge and the servants from Downton how to make an eight strand plait!

Guess what my website is growing! There are three new sections you must check out. Firstly I have been working with the fabulous Grain Chain and we have put together games, recipes and even a section for teachers. Secondly you can now buy tickets for my first ever live tour. I am going to be all over the country. Really sorry if I am not appearing near you, this was down to venue availability and nothing personal! Finally we have launched a shop on the site. So if you are looking for a 2014 calendar or a new T’shirt to go in someone special’s stocking then have a look.

For all those that have signed up, my first quarterly newsletter will be mailed out very soon. This includes lots of your baking questions and an exclusive recipe amongst other things. If you haven’t signed up for it yet do it today!

Bye Paul x