Prepping for my tour

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So my big news last week was the announcement of 29 new dates for my tour this November and December. I know lots of you have been asking why the tour isn’t coming near you, so I hope now that you will all get a chance to come and see me.

I have had a fab couple of weeks prepping for my tour. I am in charge of picking all the music that will be played during the tour, so it’s been a brilliant excuse to spend some time going through my albums. I really hope you like the tracks I have chosen. I am also going to share with you some personal photos from throughout the years. I had a good giggle at some of the ones from the early years. I wonder if you will think I have changed much! The plan for the show is to roughly follow the chronology of my life, and to demonstrate recipes from each of the different stages, starting with the first apple pie I made with my mum. So as well as going through my music and photo collections, I have been looking back at all the recipes I have cooked over the years. It’s been heaven just hanging out in the kitchen recreating memories in my oven. For those that come to the show, you there will be a programme available to buy that will contain all the recipes I demonstrate. So hopefully I will inspire some of you to go home and try some out yourself.