Road Trippin’ & City Bakin’

Paul Dublin Seafood

I hope you are all enjoying the new series of City Bakes. It is definitely one of the best things that I have ever filmed. Travelling to all these incredibly different cities and understanding not only their baking traditions, but also learning about their individual cultures and what makes each city tick has been so enjoyable. I have learned so much making the programme and came back buzzing with lots of different ideas. In episode 3 I am in Dublin learning about Soda Bread, meeting a potato fanatic who cooks with historic Irish varieties and as you can see from the picture above checking out some of the local seafood.

As well as travelling around for City Bakes I have also been whizzing around Europe for my show ‘Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip, which will be coming out on the BBC later this Spring. If you love cars as much as me and want to find out more then please follow me on Twitter @hollywooddrives

With Easter round the corner it’s definitely time to get some Hot Cross Buns in the oven! If you have never made your own before why not give my recipe a go. I started making them with my Dad, also a baker, when I was 9 years old. The addition of apples to the dough enhances the taste and lends a lovely, moist texture. And if you are a marzipan fan like me then check out the cake section as well for my Simnel Cake recipe. This classic fruit cake is traditionally baked at Easter: the eleven balls of marzipan on top represent Jesus’s disciples, minus Judas. It’s even more delicious if you make your own marzipan, but if you use shop brought I promise not to tell!

Happy Easter & Happy Baking!