Spring is here!

March 17 Blog

Isn’t this sunshine fabulous! As you all know I love my bikes, so whenever I can I have been hitting the road and enjoying this amazing spring weather. However, I have been super busy over the last couple of weeks with more prep for my tour and filming for a secret new project. Baking as you know is my true passion, so I can’t complain about being stuck in a kitchen all day, even when the weather is so lovely outside.

I am also getting fully caked up in preparation for the Big Cake Show in Exeter at the end of the month. The show will be really great fun, Check out my calendar page for further details of the event and a link to buy tickets.

Thanks for all the fab pictures of your kids flipping pancakes on Pancake Day. I love seeing all your bakes, but it’s particularly great to see kids getting creative in the kitchen. Check out the Bake With Kids page to see if your kid is featured!

Now Pancake Day is over we are in the run up to Easter. Keep an eye on the recipe section of my website as we will be adding some traditional Easter bakes over the next few weeks.