The tour is coming . . .

Blog April 3

The Tour is Coming . . .

Well it’s finally April and that means that my first ever live tour is about to begin! I am so excited to be travelling up and down the country, to all these wonderful venues and meeting all you fab bakers out there. One of the things that I most enjoy about my job is passing on my knowledge as a baker and helping those who are keen to hone their technique, and this is what I am most excited about the tour. We have some really special recipes planned for me to demonstrate, but it’s not going to just be me up on stage, as at each venue I will be grabbing people out of the audience to have a go too. It’s definitely not going to be predictable!

The tour starts at the end of the month and until then I have been busy running around promoting the show, (the pic of me is from a day filming!). This means lots of interviews and TV appearances, which are always great fun and something totally different to my usual baking days. I have already filmed a celebrity 15to1 which was great fun and I am appearing on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man next month, which is always absolutely hilarious.

I have also been doing some filming for Waitrose Online, along with some of you lovely people. I always love baking with others, so this was really great fun. I will have more details about this to share soon, so keep an eye on my Facebook page and this blog.

And finally, yes the one you are all waiting for . . . . The Great British Bake Off 2014! Yes it’s coming back soon and filming is just around the corner. As usual it’s all top secret, but I will try and share some gossip with you as filming happens.

I love a bit of chocolate, so this time of year is always a good excuse to stuff my face with choccy eggs and other Easter goodies. I really recommend you all try my Hot Cross Buns. They are so good and way better than shop brought versions. The prep for these delicious buns may seem eternal, but it’s definitely worth the wait. These and other Easter recipes are in the recipe section now, along with the ultimate Easter cake, the Simnel Cake!