Bake with Kids


Baking with kids is a fantastic shared experience. You’re giving them a skill for life and providing masses of happy memories. Baking is so easy, the results are delicious; and above all you’ll have fun. Together. As a kid I loved baking with my dad and I have just as much fun now baking with my son.

I have been working with for more than ten-years developing fantastic resources to help children learn the joys of baking and more about where their food comes from. Here’s my selection of some of their great stuff.


Dinosaur Party Pack

Click here for a Dinosaur themed pack; complete with games, activities, recipes and invitations. Great for both girls or boys.


Bread Resources

Based on current scientific research these lesson plans each contain a presentation, a worksheet and an activity. Geared at KS4 they can also be adapted.


Grain Art

Great print-out-and-colour sheet. If you have more time or feel a bit more adventurous why not glue grains, lentils, pasta or recycled paper instead.


Bread Rolls

A blueprint recipe for bread rolls ideal for your students to adapt and modify.

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