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Bread is often criticised in the media so these resources delve into the scientific research out there to find out the role of bread in life and health. Investigate how bread is made on a large scale and its contribution to a healthy and balanced diet.

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  • 07_party

    Baking for celebration events

    Baked goods are synonymous with celebrations – think birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, hot-cross buns. Think sandwiches and sausage rolls, quiches and pies. This topic lets you explore cultural similarities and differences and set your students projects and challenges.

  • sml_sandwich

    Healthy eating bundle

    All of grainchain’s healthy eating resources in one place. These will help you plan lessons which:

    • Investigate the nutritional value of cereal products and their place in a healthy balanced diet;

    • explore energy – where it comes from; how we use it; and ensuring a good balanced lifestyle;

    • study the food groups; the eatwell plate; the importance of breakfast; and the role of cereal products;

    • look into dieting and weight loss including investigating dangerous dieting and exploring what constitutes a healthy diet for a teenager.

  • 05_combine_harvester_sml

    Growing Our Food

    Find out what wheat needs to grow well and what difference the weather makes.

  • sliced_bread_sml

    Bread Bundle

    Bread, bread, glorious bread …. For the first time all our bread resources are housed in just one place. So if you’re looking for videos, recipes, presentations, activity sheets, nutritional imformation, labelling information – its all here. Just keep scrolling and you will find it.

  • Where does bread come from?

    Where does bread come from?

    This is one of our most popular resources and shows the journey a wheat seed makes from the farmer’s field to the mill, the bakery and finally the supermarket shelf. Some great information pages, a video, and a host of activities to keep your class happy and busy while they learn. Supports the curriculum in all areas of the UK.

  • pancake_small


    Get ready for Shrove Tuesday with this selection of pancake resources. It includes a photographic recipe sequencing as well as videos which children of all ages will love.

  • egg_small


    We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do we know why? Help your students investigate just how important breakfast is by Clicking here. Plus use the vox-pox videos to explore breakfasts from around the world; and more video footage can help your class design individual healthy and tasty breakfasts to keep them going till lunchtime.

  • literacy


    Click here for teaching resources on literacy.

  • bread

    Bread: As a staple in a healthy balanced diet

    Click here for teaching resources on the health benefits of eating bread.

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