Thai Chicken Pie

I love a Thai chicken curry and this is my pastry-topped tribute to that dish.

Poacher’s Pie

Pies like this were the centrepiece of the dining room in Georgian times. They look and taste great, can be served hot or cold, and – best of all – they are easy to make.

Apple & Wensleydale Pie

There’s a saying in Yorkshire that ‘apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.’

Mince Pies

You just can’t beat a classic mince pie, still warm from the oven.

Baked Somerset Brie

This is a great way to enjoy one of the excellent Bries produced in Somerset and Cornwall.

Frangipane Mince Pies

Impress your friends with these delicious mince pies with a delicate frangipane topping.

Pork Pies

A proper pork pie is such a great inclusion in a lunchbox or party spread. These use a traditional hot water crust pastry, and are very easy to make.

Spinach & Egg Pie

Delicious egg and spinach pie, which will make an ideal hot centrepiece to a Spring buffet lunch, or sliced cold for a picnic.

Luxury Fish Pie

What could make a fish pie more luxurious than smoked Scottish langoustines.

Christmas Leftover Pie

This is a great pie that can be made using the leftovers from Christmas day.

Sweet Pastry

This rich, sweet shortcrust pastry is perfect for classic dessert tarts and pies. The recipe makes enough for a standard tart. You could make double the quantity, use whatever you need for your tart or pie and freeze the rest.

Cornish Pasties

This is the original portable meal, eaten by Cornish tin miners and farm labourers.

Raised Pork and Egg Pie

This is a picnic classic and a slice would be great in a lunchbox too.

Meat and Potato Pie

This no-nonsense recipe is one of my favourite pies.

Hollywood’s Temptation

This recipe is based on a Swedish gratin-style dish, called Janssen’s Temptation.